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Oct.1st is the national day of China.In 1949.Oct.1st,was the first year of the national day of China.At that time,people were very happy,because China has been free ,the war has just stopped.We were the winner!Then every year of this day,people put the national flag out to celebrate.At the capital of China--Peking,there is a lot of people to parade and celebrate in the national day.Everybody was happy and very exciting.It was very lively.Do you want to know and see it? Come and visit us for the national day of China.




  The National Day is a designated date on which celebrations mark the nationhood of a country. Often the National Day will be a national holiday.

  The National Day is often taken as the date on which a state or territory achieved independence. Other dates such as the country's patron saint day, or a significant historic date are sometimes used. Most countries have a single National Day per year, though a few, for example, India and Pakistan, have more than one. Besides that, each of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, namely Hong Kong and Macao, celebrate the day of the establishment of the special administrative region, as well as the National Day of the People's Republic of China.

  The importance attached to the National Day, and the degree to which it is celebrated, vary enormously from country to country. In France, for example, National Day is 14 July and is known as Bastille Day. It is widely celebrated and the French Tricolour is much in evidence, while the President of the Republic attends a military parade on the Champs-lysées of Paris. In the United States, the Fourth of July celebrations are widely celebrated with fireworks and barbecues. In the Republic of Ireland, St. Patrick's Day, March 17, has been the National Day and a Public Holiday for many years, and in recent years it has been observed as a full Public Holiday in Northern Ireland too. However, in the rest of the United Kingdom the constituent countries' patron saints' days are low-key affairs.

  Most countries have a fixed date National Day, but some have movable dates. An example here is Jamaica, which celebrates its National Day on the first Monday in August. This commemorates independence from the United Kingdom which was attained on Monday, 6 August 1962 - the first Monday in August of that year. Another example is Thailand which celebrates the birthday of the King on 5 December. This date will change on the accession of the heir to the throne.


Nodal background of Chinese great occasion of nation

  One phrase of" great occasion of nation", a nation is pleased to celebrate of matter, was see in the west Jin at the earliest stage.The author six machines of the west Jin are in 《 fifth wait various theory 》《五等诸侯论》one text once have" great occasion of nation only the its benefit, the main sorrow harms with it" to jot down, the important event that our country feudal age, nation is pleased to celebrate, great too Caesarean mount the throne, birthday( the Manchu Dynasty calls the birthday of the emperor as the long live stanza) etc……As a result the ancient times of our country ascends the throne the emperor, the birthday is called" great occasion of nation".Call that the anniversary of the national establishment celebrates for the country today.

  On October 1 in 1949, it is the anniversary that new China establish.The here should explain 1:00, in many persons' impression, Tienanmen Square of l day at Peking of October of 1949 holds to count the People's Republic of China that 100,000 armed forces and people attend to found a nation the big .In fact, this impression within people's brains prohibits also indeed.Isn't to found a nation the big because, the ceremony that hold in Tienanmen Square on October 1 was central people's government of the People's Republic of China in 1949 to establish the prosperous ,。Actually, the People's Republic of China" found a nation", also is to say that the People's Republic of China establish, as early as that year previous week of October 1 has already declared.Also don'ted call at that time" founded a nation the big ", but call" founded a nation the prosperous ".Time is September 21 in 1949.This day, the Chinese domestic affairs cures to negotiate the meeting to prepare and plan the meeting director the hair 泽 east helps the first batch meeting in the 政 up with the result that of open to have already announced new naissance of China in the phrase.

  So a day  of great occasion of nation is what is the row again October?Cure to negotiate the national committee of the meeting first batch in the Chinese domestic affairs meeting for the first time up, wide the even speech say:" MA3 XU4 LUN2's member of committee asks for leave and can't come, he gives me to say, the People's Republic of China establish, should have the great occasion of nation for day, so hope to will decide to settle October 1 to celebrate the day for the country originally." The hair 泽 east say" we should make on suggest, suggest toward the government, decide from the government." On October 2 in 1949, central people's government pass 《 concerning resolution of the People's Republic of China great occasion of nation day 》 《关于中华人民共和国国庆日的决议》, provision every year October 1 celebrates the day for the country, and be the day that announce the People's Republic of China's establish this day. From now on, October 1 of every year became the festival that national and each with solemn and impressive clansmen people celebrate.


  “ 国庆”一词,本指国家喜庆之事,最早见于西晋。西晋的文学家陆机在《五等诸侯论》一文中就曾有“国庆独飨其利,主忧莫与其害”的记载、我国封建时代、国家喜庆的大事,莫大过于帝王的登基、诞辰(清朝称皇帝的生日为万岁节)等。因而我国古代把皇帝即位、诞辰称为“国庆”。今天称国家建立的纪念日为国庆。






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